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Get the Equivalent of 16 Hours of Sleep in 1 Hour”Your body needs time to restore and heal itself. Whether you fall asleep or not during a treatment, your body goes into a ‘sleep like state’.”Reflexology Calgary: Reflexology Has Been Described as Healing on All Levels: Mind, Body and Soul.Fifteen minutes in this ‘sleep like state’ is the equivalent to four hours of sleep, as far as repairing and restoring your body.

Reflexology Calgary: Reflexology Allows Your Body To Heal Itself

Reflexology puts your body into a relaxed state, which allows it to heal itself.

Reflexology Calgary: Reflexology is More Effective & Longer Lasting Than Massage”

I have been a client of Lynn’s almost every week for numerous years now and every week I look forward to Lynn’s arrival. At first I was really skeptical but it didn’t take long before I felt that the effects of reflexology are more effective than massage and can last up to a week.” Peter Singleton, Calgary.

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When The Body Is Relaxed It Heals Itself

Helpful for: Relief of Stress, Headaches, Hot Flashes, Menstrual Cramps, Back Pain, Foot Pain, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis, Deep Relaxation, Feeling of Well Being

Reflexology foot stimulates reflex areas on the feet which correspond to every part of your body – organs, glands, muscles and nerves. It helps to reduce stress, release the body of toxins, improve circulation, revitalizes energy and balances all systems in the body.

Reflexology Has Gotten Rid Of Clients Hot Flashes! Read More Testimonials Here.

More Effective and Longer Lasting Than Massage

“One Reflexology Treatment Was Better Than All of the Massages”

“A few days ago I was at the gym and overdid it. For the next couple of days I was having difficulty walking and even sleeping. Lynn gave me a treatment. I was able to spend the entire day painting a room. However, two days later I was in even worse pain. At work it took me a long time to straighten up after sitting. Both sitting and walking were painful. I went for a second treatment two days later because the pain returned. During the day I was in bent over and unable to get up and walk easily. After the treatment the relief was immediate. I went for a 45 minute walk in the evening. Reflexology has given me relief and is speeding up my recovery.” Bruce Renton, Calgary, AB

Balancing Your Whole Body Is Like Getting a Tune Up

Get Rid of Headaches, Hot Flashes, Sore Feet, Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain Immediately

For the body to be healthy, everything must work together. Just like a car, if one part is not working properly, it affects the performance of the whole car. Reflexology is like a tune up for the whole body. It helps to bring all of your systems (circulatory, respiratory, digestive, elimination, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine) back into balance.

“I Have Never Felt So Relaxed” Is What Our Clients Say When Talking About some of the Best Reflexology Calgary Has to Offer.