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Does STRESS and ANXIETY stop you from enjoying life?

Do you want to get rid of headaches, sore feet or back, neck pain?

Are HOT FLASHES affecting your quality of life?

Do you want your body to heal itself naturally?

Experience the Incredible Health Benefits of Reflexology!

Reflexology Allows Your Body to Heal Itself

Reflexology puts your body into a relaxed state, allowing it to begin healing itself.

HELPFUL FOR: Stress Relief, Headaches, Hot Flashes, Menstrual Cramps, Back Pain, Foot Pain, Arthritis, Deep Relaxation, Releasing Toxins from the Body, Improved Circulation, Revitalized Energy, Balance & Feeling of Well Being

“… the hot flashes have decreased enough that I hardly even notice them”

More Effective and Longer Lasting Than Massage

With less pain and discomfort than a massage.

“A few days ago I was at the gym and overdid it. For the next couple of days I was having difficulty walking and even sleeping. Lynn gave me a treatment. I was able to spend the entire day painting a room. However, two days later I was in even worse pain. At work it took me a long time to straighten up after sitting. Both sitting and walking were painful. I went for a second treatment two days later because the pain returned. During the day I was bent over and unable to get up and walk easily. After the treatment the relief was immediate. I went for a 45 minute walk in the evening. Reflexology has given me relief and is speeding up my recovery.” Bruce Renton, Calgary, AB

Balancing Your Whole Body Is Like Getting a Tune Up

Reflexology brings all your systems back into balance so they can effectively work together

Reflexology is like a tune up for the whole body! Just like a car, if one part isn’t working properly it affects the performance of the whole. We help bring all of your systems (circulatory, respiratory, digestive, elimination, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine) back into balance so everything works together for your best health.



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