The package for 4 Reflexology treatments is to allow for the maximum benefit of healing. Reflexology assists in the healing of many alignments of the body and is helpful for all ages.

Although reflexology is not used to diagnose or cure disease, millions of people around the world use it to complement other treatments when addressing conditions like anxiety, asthma, cancer treatment, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, headaches, kidney function, PMS, menopause and sinusitis.

What happens at the First Treatment?
The first treatment, a person can either feel a difference in the condition or not notice a change. Even if you do not notice a change, there are results which are often subtle, and they are cumulative. There is always healing happening even if you do not feel it.

Various reactions may occur following a reflexology session. These, too, are subtle, and are often not recognized by many people as a result of the reflexology therapy. Many of the reactions are positive signs that the session is part of a healing process; other symptoms are indicative of the body’s attempts to return to a state of balance and harmony. Symptoms usually last for 24-48 hours. Please add: These symptoms include: using the washroom more often, more tired than usual, nausea, headache, aches or pains that were not there before the treatment.

How Do Multiple Treatments Improve Success?
The second treatment, the body knows what to expect for a more relaxed body and deeper healing. The relaxed state allows for your body to do what it was created to do and that is heal it’s self. Healing happens in layers as your body begins to sense the changes and responds to the treatmetns.
The above paragraph has 2 spelling mistakes and is quite repetitive. Please replace it with: The second treatment, the body knows what to expect. Therefore, the client is more relaxed and the healing is at a deeper level. When the body is relaxed, it heals itself.

Everything is connected! The reflexologist’s application of pressure to feet, hands, or ears sends a calming message from the peripheral nerves in these extremities to the central nervous system, which in turn signals the body to adjust the tension level. This enhances overall relaxation, brings internal organs and their systems into a state of optimum functioning, and increases blood supply (which brings additional oxygen and nutrients to cells and enhances waste removal). It positively affects the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, immune, and neuropeptide systems in the body.

Generally speaking, the results may be subtle. Treatments are cumulative. The last 2 sentences have already been stated above. Because of the training of the body and nervous system, I do not know what “the training of the body and nervous system” means a 4 pack treatment allows for the most optimized results for your health and wellness.

What are the benefits?
Reflexology can address anything from headaches to (Please replace sinus issues to stomach issues, with hot flashes). If sensitivity or tenderness is experienced when an area is stimulated, it usually indicates bodily weaknesses or imbalances within the corresponding organ, gland, muscle or nerve)

With repeated pressure and manipulation of nerve endings, it is said to do so through moving the flow of blood, nutrients and nerve impulses. This ultimately improves overall health and balance. Click here to know the top 5 benefits of Reflexology.

Other potential benefits:
• Cleanse the body of toxins
• Boost the immune system
• Increase circulation
• Promote healing
• Balance Energy

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