What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a treatment based on the scientific facts that there are points and areas on the human feet, ears and hands that have a direct connection through the nervous system to other parts of the body. During the reflexology treatment, pressure is applied to these specific points stimulating movement of energy helping restore homeostasis in the body. Reflexology has a lot of health benefits.


Reflexology opens the neural pathways and floods the nervous system with neuron activity putting the whole body in a relaxed state. Reflexology induces a state of calmness throughout the body and mind. It can be helpful with insomnia by helping the body get back to normal circadian rhythms.

Improving your nerve functions

As the body ages, your nerve endings become less sensitive. The functionality and flexibility of nerves and body cells in different organs in the body is improved by opening and cleaning up of the neural pathways which are the main focus of a reflexology massage. Neural pathways are the same as muscles and keeping them active is crucial to your health.

Reducing headaches

One of the causes of severe headaches and migraines is tension in the muscles. This is caused by stress in the body and mind. During reflexology, the severity of migraines and headaches is reduced by relieving the tension in the muscles inducing relaxation.

Increased blood circulation in the body

This is the best-known benefit of reflexology. It improves blood circulation in the body. This means that the blood is well circulated along with oxygen and gets delivered more efficiently. When sufficient oxygen reaches organs in the body, it optimizes their function. Balanced blood circulation helps reduce cases of hypertension, and also results in faster regrowth of damaged cells.

Relieving menstrual pains and discomfort

There are reflex areas to stimulate on the feet during menstruation to relieve menstrual pains. When you work this particular point on the feet, it opens up the neural pathway, and more energy flows through the body and the muscles are relaxed, reducing menstrual cramping. Reflexology has been in use since ancient times, and it has been proven to be effective. Though it’s not scientifically proven, it helps relieve stress and anxiety which are a significant part of problems in the body.

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