As some of you know who have received a treatment from me in the past, you have your choice of what I put on your feet during the treatment. It is so dry here in Alberta, we need some kind of moisture on the bottom of our feet during a mobile reflexology treatment. One of the choices is a Black Poplar Balm that I make. This is what the bud from the Black Poplar bud looks like.

The Black Poplar trees are all over Alberta.

So, I pick the buds from the Black Poplar tree. The sap from the buds is one of the ingredients from the balm. By putting it on the bottom of your feet, it is absorbed to the rest of your body. The sap has the same properties as aspirin. Aspirin goes where it is needed in your body. The most common complaint is pain. So, you can put it on the body where there is pain. By putting
it on the bottom of the feet, it is readily absorbed goes where it is needed in the body.

My most profound testimonial is from a lady with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. She explained to me that for 25 years, she had what felt like electric shocks going up her arm. She had trouble sleeping and even doing everyday tasks because of the feeling from the Carpal Tunnel. She put the balm on her wrist that had she had the pain in. She put it on every day. I saw her two
weeks later and she was so excited and said, “Lynn, you are not going to believe it, but the pain is gone”

25 years of pain gone. The nerves are damaged, so she needs surgery.
Several years ago, I had a skiing accident and did damage to my shoulder. Every so often, my shoulder lets me know that it is not happy with pain. I put some balm on my shoulder and within a few minutes the pain is gone and gone for over 5 hours.

It is a wonderful moisturizer. I use it on my arms and legs.

If you are interested in having a treatment with the Black Poplar Balm or purchasing a bottle, you can call me, Lynn Paulhus at 403-816-9518 WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE