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VOXX Socks helps adjust your balance and posture, relieving pressure, and strain on your body, leading to reduced joint, muscle, and back pain.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to every part of the body.

What Can I Expect?

A session lasts 60 minutes. You can rest or talk during the session at your discretion. If you fall asleep during the session, you will still receive the benefits of the treatment.

Stress and Anxiety

Having a thorough Reflexology treatment is relaxing and restoring to the body both physically and emotionally. Special attention is given to working the endocrine glands which support the hormones. Many clients have said that they haven’t felt so relaxed in a very long time.


If you experience headaches, foot reflexology may be able to relieve your pain and prevent future headaches.  Reflexology balances all systems of your body often eliminating the cause of the headache. It is like aspirin-it goes where it is needed. Many clients start the treatment with a headache and it is gone in minutes.

Hot Flashes

As the nervous system calms, the stress hormones regulate, and the body rebalances, reducing the number and intensity of hot flushes and night sweats. Whilst the treatment cannot eliminate all menopausal symptoms, it is frequently reported to be highly beneficial.


Reflexology may reduce pain by stimulating the reflexes for the nervous systems and circulatory system. Clients have reported a significant reduction or total elimination of pain in their back, shoulders, feet or neck after a treatment.

Who is Reflexology For?

During the reflexology treatment, pressure is applied to specific reflex areas stimulating movement of energy helping restore homeostasis in the body. Reflexology has a lot of health benefits and EVERYONE from newborn to seniors can reap the benefits!

Does reflexology hurt?

Reflexology is very soothing and relaxing, and your Reflexologist will also ask you if the pressure is too strong or too light. However from time to time you may notice some sensitivity. Usually the first encounter with a sensitive point will release the block and it will go when the Reflexologist works on that area again. 

How long are sessions?
Sessions are generally 60 minutes. The first session may be 75 minutes as you will be completing a medical questionnaire and getting to know your Reflexologist. Sessions for children are about 30 minutes. Sessions for babies are approximately 15 minutes.
What happens during a session?

You will remove your shoes and socks, fill out a brief medical history sheet and get acquainted with the Reflexologist. You will discuss any current heath issues. You will relax in a comfortable reclining chair. The Reflexologist will begin to work on your feet checking with you to ensure the pressure is right for you. You can choose to listen to soothing music playing or simply relax quietly.   You may even fall asleep.  If you choose you can speak to Reflexologist during your session however you will definitely enjoy and benefit from the treatment when you sink into a state of calm relaxation.

Do you work on babies, children and teens?

Yes. The Reflexologist will work on babies, children and teens. Reflexology helps children to stay calm, focused more and improves their sleep pattern. Teens benefit from reflexology’s positive effects especially on their energy levels and hormone system which helps them to cope better with acne, allergies.

Are there any side effects from reflexology?

There are no known adverse effects of reflexology. Although the body will release toxins, similar to massage therapy, it is safe, non-invasive therapy. It is holistic, offering support to the body so that natural restoration of balance and good health can occur.  

About Me

Lynn Had Her First Treatment by a Reflexologist in 1987 and was Hooked People tell her how wonderful it feels, plus the improvements they experience in their health from reflexology treatments.

She loves the flexibility and variety that being a reflexologist provides. She has given treatments in places such as; spas, chiropractor’s office, hospitals, places of business and clients homes for their convenience. The comfort and ease of Lynn’s sessions make a great gift for everyone. She is available to do ladies socials, retreats and conferences. She has even donated her services to charities! She is a big player in local trade shows as well. Her genuine love and concern for people is a perfect match for the profession of a reflexologist.

Lynn has extensive training through the following courses and workshops and is continually educating herself.


 I get Lynn to do reflexology on the foot to alleviate this pain and because of her strong hands, depth of knowledge, passion, and commitment to her craft, she never fails to come through. I now depend solely on her services and I have to add, I’m a 61-year-old very active male who has seen many, many therapists over the years so I do have some reference, she is without a doubt the best I’ve dealt with. I highly recommend Lynn.


Calgary, Alberta

As Lynn was working on my feet, I felt the tension leaving my body. It was weird – I felt more relaxed than I’ve ever felt. Not only that, after the one-hour treatment, I could actually stand for more than 5 minutes without the pain.  I’ve never felt so good! This has been such an amazing experience!


Calgary, Alberta

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