“Two bad feet with lots of pain. I tried all kinds of therapies and they did not work. Lynn came to my rescue. I felt relief after the first treatment. I received a total of 4 treatments. It is unbelievable. Wow! Now I have new feet to walk with. I cannot thank her enough. She is awesome.” Andre G. Calgary.

Having reflexology stimulates the 4,000 nerves we have on our feet plus relaxing all the muscles there as well. Reflexology helps retrain these muscles to relax. When the tightness is released, the foot can work the way it is meant to work. I work the bottom, top, inside and outside of the foot, plus the leg and around the entire knee.
Reflexology increases circulation which speeds up healing.

I have found by working 2 areas on the foot and leg which are very helpful to massage for people dealing with pain in their feet.

There are many issues which cause problems with our feet. I will talk about the most common ones which I come across with my clients.

Some of the reasons for painful feet may be caused by tight muscles or tendons, injury, fallen arches. A thorough reflexology treatment helps to release tension in the muscles and tendons. Circulation is improved helping to speed healing. I use either essential oils or the Black Poplar Balm which I make during the treatment. Both are very effective in dealing with pain.

Cramping in the feet can be very painful. It is sudden or sustained spasms of the muscle. There are a few theories of what causes cramping. One that is not often heard is that it may be n imbalance of electrolytes and fluid which is often caused by excessive sweating. There are reflexes when stimulated may help calm the cramping.

Heel Spurs
It is a nail-like growth of calcium around the ligaments and tendons of the foot where they attach to the heel bone. Each step can feel like you are being poked by a needle. Success can be achieved if caught at the beginning stages. By working the area around the spur, circulation is increased and helpful in breaking the excess calcium done to be absorb and eliminated by the body.

This may be caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system , or as a result of injury or infection. The swelling is the body’s attempt to repair damage or fight infection. Working the adrenal glands and reflexes for the lymphatic system may help to reduce and eliminate the swelling. I have seen several clients who noticed immediate relief and the swelling went down
significantly after just one treatment.

There are 38 types of arthritis which is inflammation of a joint. The most common are osteo and rheumatoid. Arthritis is very pain and makes it very difficult to walk. I have found working the reflexes for the Endocrine System, plus the affected reflex area very effective. Plus, I like to use essential oil in the treatment. There are a few essential oils which my clients find help alleviate the pain. I also make a Black Poplar Balm. I have found it personally takes the pain away for over 5 hours. (The Balm is available for sale)

Reflexology will not fix a problem with bones that are out of alignment from conditions such as wearing high heels for years or from doing ballet for many years while the feet were still growing.

However, I can refer you to an expert who does a comprehensive examination of your feet and will make a recommendation best suited for your individual situation.

Whatever problem you are having with your feet, come have a Reflexology treatment. The treatment will not only help your feet, it will help heal your whole body.

Try it, you will love it.