I happened to come across Lynn at the Women’s Show in Auburn Bay. Her area in Auburn Bay House was set up for reflexology and her sign read ‘Hot flashes?’. It immediately caught my eye as I have been experiencing hot flashes since 2010. The hot flashes have got progressively worse, hitting 1 an hour or 24 a day which was drastically affecting my sleep pattern and my life in general. I had tried everything from acupuncture, to over-the-counter herbal remedies, to Chinese medicine and lastly, naturopathy. Unfortunately, everything had failed and I had resigned myself to a life of constantly stripping off layers in a wild frenzy to piling them back on once the ‘cold clams’ set in…why not, I figured, I had tried everything else so why not try one more remedy? I signed up for a 15-minute ‘show special’ with Lynn and was pleasantly surprised to find myself completely relaxing in a room full of strangers and noise, nearly falling asleep as Lynn worked her magic. As I had enjoyed the experience of reflexology so much, I decided to sign up for a further 3 sessions of 1 hour each over the course of 2 months. I have just had my 2nd 1-hour session and can honestly say that Lynn has changed my life! For someone who was experiencing such severe and frequent hot flashes, I am now down to maybe 3 or 4 a day, barely noticeable as they are so mild and short. I have seen an improvement of 90% based on the last 3 years and this is the first time I have actually felt some long-lasting relief. Looking back, I did notice a drastic change within a week of having the first 15-minute session at the Women’s Show. Now, I sleep through the night and have finally got my life back. I am so grateful to Lynn for re-balancing my body and breaking the cycle of constant sweating followed by the chills. I have 1 session left and can hardly wait. Of course, once that session is over I will return to see Lynn for maintenance if required but based on how I am currently feeling, I may not be seeing her for a while – a huge thank you to Lynn for putting me back together again.