When I first met Lynn, my husband had bought me a gift certificate for a Reflexology session. I was a few months pregnant at the time and was in need of some relaxing. Well Lynn did not disappoint! I started seeing Lynn on a weekly basis… and I looked forward to it all week! I usually fell asleep and woke up so refreshed and relaxed. We had wonderful conversation … when I wasn’t sleeping that is. I noticed that the reflexology helped relieve any discomfort and aches and pains which were great! I also had a few appointments where I was coming down with a cold and after the reflexology appointment, the cold would go away. After seeing how much of a difference the reflexology made in my pregnancy I asked Lynn if she would be interested in coming into the labour and delivery room and doing some reflexology while I was in labour. Luckily she said yes! On my due date they scheduled an induction date for when I was 6 days overdue. We called Lynn in as soon as the doctors and nurses finished hooking everything up. Labour was fast when it started and Lynn was amazing. She would work on me up until a contraction and would keep working through it if I wanted or would stop if I asked. She was even kind enough to snap a few pictures for us. I believe that the reflexology helped move the labour faster and I found that it kept me calm. It was an amazing experience! When I became pregnant with my second child the first thing I said to my husband was how much I wanted Lynn to be in the labour room again. Unfortunately Lynn was moving when my daughter was born so she was not able to be there. Lynn is an amazing Reflexologist and we miss her here. I HIGHLY recommend Lynn! Thank you Lynn for all you did for us! You made my labour and pregnancy amazing.