I have had the pleasure of receiving reflexology treatment from Lynn. I am certified to practice reflexology myself. Being a client that understands the intricacies of this healing modality, I must say that Lynn has been the best practitioner that I have come across in my journey. I unfortunately suffer from a condition that often leaves me in chronic pain. Since I have been working with Lynn my pain levels are all but gone! For the first time since I have been diagnosed, I have had pain free days without any pharmaceutical remedies! This alone makes the treatment worth money!

Lynn is very skilled in her practice of reflexology. During the session she is also able to call upon healing energy with the addition of Reiki to her reflexology treatments. Having both modalities at the same time makes this an all encompassing physical and emotional healing place. The practice of Reiki is intended to be done with an open heart and spirit. Lynn has a beautiful energy that surrounds you during the Reiki portion of the treatment and you feel bathed in healing energy.

I am a person who often deals with somewhat debilitating pain. The fact that Lynn has a flexible schedule as well as location of where she will preform the treatment, is so helpful for my situation. If I am feeling horrible and Lynn has an opening, it is a God send that she will come to me.

I work in a professional industry, where I am often asked to express my opinion to the public. I would never endorse someone that I do not believe in. In my opinion Lynn is a natural healer. If you have stumbled upon her by chance (as I did), it is a sign from the universe that she is the right fit to help you on your way back to health and well being.