When Asked “Does Reflexology Work?” Our Clients Responded With Nothing But Positive Answers!

No more foot pain!

I have arthritis in the two big toe knuckles, this condition is commonly referred to as Hallux Rigidus, (directly translated into ‘stiff big toe’). As a way of protecting the joints, the muscles and connective tissue tighten up and layer on another level of pain. I get Lynn to do reflexology on the foot to alleviate this pain and because of her strong hands, depth of knowledge, passion, and commitment to her craft, she never fails to come through. I now depend solely on her services and I have to add, I’m a 61-year-old very active male who has seen many, many therapists over the years so I do have some reference, she is without a doubt the best I’ve dealt with. I highly recommend Lynn.

R. K. – Calgary

Finally relief from my arthritis!

I have suffered from not being able to stand for any length of time for at least six months, if not longer. I am 72 years of age and have suffered from osteoarthritis for many years. I have been able to sit, lie down and walk but NOT stand.
In all my years, I have never been to a reflexologist. With the prompting of a friend of mine, I made an appointment with Lynn. I had no idea if this was going to help with the pain I’ve been suffering in my lower back.
As Lynn was working on my feet, I felt the tension leaving my body. It was weird – I felt more relaxed than I’ve ever felt. Not only that, after the one-hour treatment, I could actually stand for more than 5 minutes without the pain.
Lynn called me 24 hours later to see how I was feeling and I was elated to tell her that I’ve never felt so good!
I’m looking forward to seeing Lynn again in a few weeks. This has been such an amazing experience!

Dauna Friesen, Calgary, AB

My chronic illness is now pain free

I have had the pleasure of receiving reflexology treatment from Lynn. I am certified to practice reflexology myself. Being a client that understands the intricacies of this healing modality, I must say that Lynn has been the best practitioner that I have come across in my journey. I unfortunately suffer from a condition that often leaves me in chronic pain. Since I have been working with Lynn my pain levels are all but gone! For the first time since I have been diagnosed, I have had pain free days without any pharmaceutical remedies! This alone makes the treatment worth money!

Lynn is very skilled in her practice of reflexology. During the session she is also able to call upon healing energy with the addition of Reiki to her reflexology treatments. Having both modalities at the same time makes this an all encompassing physical and emotional healing place. The practice of Reiki is intended to be done with an open heart and spirit. Lynn has a beautiful energy that surrounds you during the Reiki portion of the treatment and you feel bathed in healing energy.

I am a person who often deals with somewhat debilitating pain. The fact that Lynn has a flexible schedule as well as location of where she will preform the treatment, is so helpful for my situation. If I am feeling horrible and Lynn has an opening, it is a God send that she will come to me.

I work in a professional industry, where I am often asked to express my opinion to the public. I would never endorse someone that I do not believe in. In my opinion Lynn is a natural healer. If you have stumbled upon her by chance (as I did), it is a sign from the universe that she is the right fit to help you on your way back to health and well being.

Mary Beth, Calgary, AB

It Got Rid of My Hot Flashes

I happened to come across Lynn at the Women’s Show in Auburn Bay. Her area in Auburn Bay House was set up for reflexology and her sign read ‘Hot flashes?’. It immediately caught my eye as I have been experiencing hot flashes since 2010. The hot flashes have got progressively worse, hitting 1 an hour or 24 a day which was drastically affecting my sleep pattern and my life in general. I had tried everything from acupuncture, to over-the-counter herbal remedies, to Chinese medicine and lastly, naturopathy. Unfortunately, everything had failed and I had resigned myself to a life of constantly stripping off layers in a wild frenzy to piling them back on once the ‘cold clams’ set in…why not, I figured, I had tried everything else so why not try one more remedy? I signed up for a 15-minute ‘show special’ with Lynn and was pleasantly surprised to find myself completely relaxing in a room full of strangers and noise, nearly falling asleep as Lynn worked her magic. As I had enjoyed the experience of reflexology so much, I decided to sign up for a further 3 sessions of 1 hour each over the course of 2 months. I have just had my 2nd 1-hour session and can honestly say that Lynn has changed my life! For someone who was experiencing such severe and frequent hot flashes, I am now down to maybe 3 or 4 a day, barely noticeable as they are so mild and short. I have seen an improvement of 90% based on the last 3 years and this is the first time I have actually felt some long-lasting relief. Looking back, I did notice a drastic change within a week of having the first 15-minute session at the Women’s Show. Now, I sleep through the night and have finally got my life back. I am so grateful to Lynn for re-balancing my body and breaking the cycle of constant sweating followed by the chills. I have 1 session left and can hardly wait. Of course, once that session is over I will return to see Lynn for maintenance if required but based on how I am currently feeling, I may not be seeing her for a while – a huge thank you to Lynn for putting me back together again.

Janice B. Calgary, AB

Huge difference after 1st treatment

Hot flashes quite severe for about 6 months. Huge difference after 1st treatment, after 3rd treatment, the hot flashes have decreased enough that I hardly even notice them and that was almost a year ago.

Michelle P., Cold Lake, AB

It Helped Me Through Labour

When I first met Lynn, my husband had bought me a gift certificate for a Reflexology session. I was a few months pregnant at the time and was in need of some relaxing. Well Lynn did not disappoint! I started seeing Lynn on a weekly basis… and I looked forward to it all week! I usually fell asleep and woke up so refreshed and relaxed. We had wonderful conversation … when I wasn’t sleeping that is. I noticed that the reflexology helped relieve any discomfort and aches and pains which were great! I also had a few appointments where I was coming down with a cold and after the reflexology appointment, the cold would go away. After seeing how much of a difference the reflexology made in my pregnancy I asked Lynn if she would be interested in coming into the labour and delivery room and doing some reflexology while I was in labour. Luckily she said yes! On my due date they scheduled an induction date for when I was 6 days overdue. We called Lynn in as soon as the doctors and nurses finished hooking everything up. Labour was fast when it started and Lynn was amazing. She would work on me up until a contraction and would keep working through it if I wanted or would stop if I asked. She was even kind enough to snap a few pictures for us. I believe that the reflexology helped move the labour faster and I found that it kept me calm. It was an amazing experience! When I became pregnant with my second child the first thing I said to my husband was how much I wanted Lynn to be in the labour room again. Unfortunately Lynn was moving when my daughter was born so she was not able to be there. Lynn is an amazing Reflexologist and we miss her here. I HIGHLY recommend Lynn! Thank you Lynn for all you did for us! You made my labour and pregnancy amazing.

Kyla Popyk, Cold Lake, AB

One Treatment Was Better Than All of the Massages

For a few years I have gone to a massage therapist to relieve the tight muscles in my quadriceps muscle in my right leg. I have several severely degenerated discs. This spinal problem is cutting off nerve sensation in this part of my leg. At times I cannot feel my right leg very well. The massage therapy has been very helpful, however, Lynn’s reflexology treatment, one treatment, was dramatically better. I had greater feeling in my leg and the treatment lasted days longer than the massage. I noticed that the way Lynn’s treatment was able to get deeper into the muscle tissue.

Bruce Renton, Calgary, AB

It Reduced The Headaches From a Concussion

I have a concussion from multiple sources. After a 10 minute treatment from Lynn, my head and neck ache dissipated and abated abruptly. I now understand the power that can be utilized by simple manipulation.

Chris Dary, Calgary, AB

It Reduces Migraine Headache Pain in the Comfort of My Home

Lynn has an incredible ability with her reflexology. I love the fact that Lynn comes to my home. There are times I can’t drive due to bad migraines and Lynn comes to me. She is able to reduce the pain greatly and get me in a relaxed state. Her kind, gentle touch is very soothing. I am very grateful to have found Lynn’s services. Thank you so much Lynn.

Cheryl Traxler, Okotoks, AB

I Have Never Felt So Relaxed!

My children both had reflexology sessions with Lynn in the past, and both of them raved about her abilities. I had to see for myself, and I was incredibly grateful that I did! Lynn is a very personable and professional individual whose extreme care for her client’s well-being absolutely shines through in her work. I have never felt so relaxed during a session, or in such good care with any other reflexologies that I have seen in the past. I will continue to see Lynn anytime that I feel the need for, or just plain old want to treat myself. I can’t wait for my next session!

Catherine L., Calgary, AB

I Felt All My Stress Melting Away and Actually Fell Asleep

I was delighted to receive a reflexology treatment from Lynn Paul us. Lynn offers the gift of her hands in a gentle manner and is able to tune into what my body needed. She was able to connect with my energy and re-energized me while she connected with my body through my feet. I felt all my stress melting away and actually fell asleep. When I felt some pain she was very knowledgeable in the area of my body that I was feeling. She had up to date information on how I could improve those areas that were stressed and referred me to other health professionals for further healing and relief for my neck and shoulders. I recommend you visit Lynn and can guarantee you will enjoy every moment of her reflexology treatment. I continue to heal and feel GREAT always looking forward to my next appointment!

D. Mutch, Saskatoon SK

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