I am always interested to hear of anything that can aid in the healing process which I can pass on to my clients. Two years ago, I heard about VOXX products.

VOXX HPT which stands for Human Performance Technology has products such as socks, insoles and patches that can be worn that are all backed by science and research. Users can’t stop talking about their new pain-free life and incredible increase in energy that they feel.

If you are experiencing foot pain and looking for relief, VOXX Life is the solution. VOXX Life socks and insoles are proven to be 98% effective in relieving plantar fasciitis and other sources of foot pain.

VOXX Life HPT triggers a neural response that helps your brain maximize its pain fighting mechanisms. On top of pain relief, it increases stability, balance and range of motion. This all increases physical mobility, leading to a more active lifestyle and a reduced risk of falls for seniors. Better productivity means that you can get more out of your day. On top of feeling more energized in your day to day life, VOXX HPT brings huge benefits to your workouts. You can experience increased endurance and better recovery time. No matter your job, lifestyle or age, VOXX Life has benefits that you can feel. You may contact me if you are interested in the VOXX Life socks or insoles.

If you wish to purchase your VOXX Socks head on over to Lynn’s VOXXLife page HERE