Reflexology was first practiced by the Chinese and Egyptians over 5000 years ago. It is an
alternative treatment for a variety of health and medical conditions. By merely applying pressure
to specific areas of the feet, hands, and ears, the body can be treated. There are reflex areas
which correspond to every organ, gland, muscle and nerve.1. Improved nerve functionThe nervous system is the most important part of your body. Chances are if there is inbalance
in your nervous system, you will feel the effects throughout your entire body. Whether it is that
tired, rundown feeling or just plain sick in bed, your body will tell you something is wrong.
As your nerve endings age, they become less sensitive. Applying pressure to the areas of your
feet, hands, or ears that are connected with your nervous system will open and clean out neural
pathways, helping to improve functionality and flexibility.
One reflexology session can stimulate more than 7,000 different nerve endings. You may end
up feeling rejuvenated and revitalized like you had a good nights’ sleep.
Whether you sleep or not during a Reflexology treatment, your body is put into a sleep-like
sleep. This is the state that our body needs to heal and rejuvenate. That is what your body
does when you are sleeping.

2. Boosted energy levels

Feeling tired, sluggish, or even depressed can be connected with different parts of the body,
including the thyroid or the adrenal glands. Reflexology CalgaryAn underactive thyroid can also mean that besides
being tired or depressed, you can also gain weight quickly because your metabolism has
slowed down. Under-functioning adrenal glands also mean you will have an increased
presence of the stress hormone cortisol in your system. Cortisol makes it easier for you to gain
Finding and working on the corresponding pressure points in your feet that affect the thyroid and the adrenal glands can increase the function in both of these areas. This can kick-start an
increase in your metabolism and energy creation, meaning it may become easier for you to
release weight or maintain your current weight.

3. Increased circulation

When blood is not flowing through your body as well as it should be, you may be worried about blood clots, clogged arteries, or other heart-related issues. However, it could be just a matter of your blood and oxygen not cycling through your body as it should. The more oxygen that reaches your vital organs, the better your chances of optimizing their function and increasing your metabolism.
You can improve your body’s circulation by focusing on the pressure points in your feet, hands,
or ears that affect your vital organs. Focusing on this part of reflexology can assist healing in
your body, as well as regrowth of damaged cells.

4. Relaxation

Most people think of having a massage as the ultimate in relaxation. They do not think of
massaging their own feet or having an expert massage them. Focusing on the different reflex
points/areas in the feet, hands, and ears not only opens up neural pathways, but it also
improves circulation and the amount of oxygen in your blood.
People who are taking in the highest levels of oxygen in their blood are more likely to feel a
state of calmness and be relaxed throughout their mind and body. Practicing reflexology may
also help with sleep disorders, including insomnia.

5. Elimination of toxins

Having a Reflexology treatment improves circulation which assists in removing toxins from your
body. Reflexology can help your body improve bladder function and reduce urinary tract issues
by stimulating the reflexes that are connected with your kidneys and bladder.

6. Nervous system stimulation

Stimulating the nerve function is different from nervous system stimulation. The feet are
especially good at focusing on various parts of the nervous system. Reflexology is ideal
for focusing on the tips of the toes. Massaging the pressure points there will focus on the brain, a
leading part of the nervous system. If you are looking to improve your memory or cognitive
function, reflexology represents a great way to enhance your brain’s capacity more efficiently.

7. Reduce the number of headaches

One of the most popular applications of reflexology includes the treatment of headaches.
Focusing on the appropriate reflex points in your feet, hands, or ears can eliminate the pain or
reduce the severity of a migraine or a headache. Massaging the pressure points can also
relieve the tension in your muscles, which may lessen the severity of a migraine or a headache
as well. Sometimes it even helps to focus on massaging the temples in your forehead to lessen
the pain.

8. Power Healing

Most people have heard of power naps. You sleep for a very short time and wake up feeling
refreshed. Reflexology is like Power Healing-a short treatment provides a lot of healing. Making
reflexology a part of your daily life will slowly bring your body back to its normal state. Focusing
on the parts connected to nerve activity and circulation goes a long way towards balancing your
metabolism and assisting your body to heal faster. You will notice that cuts, scrapes, or bruises
will heal faster. Your cells will regrow faster. You may even recover faster from colds and other
illnesses. However, reflexology should not be considered a cure for the common cold or other
illnesses, but it can likely help your energy work its way back to normal.